JFS Weekly Highlights 01/20/12





      Although we have been having quite a mild winter, “snow” was seen throughout the ELC this week. The toddlers had a great time playing with the snowmen they made and had fun taking off and putting on the snowmen’s clothing.

Kindergarten children finished their snowmen books and are so proud that they now know so many Hebrew words associated with winter. They are also learning all about polar bears.

“Mitteen” Math” was so much fun in our Primer class as the students learned about the numbers from thirteen to nineteen by playing a special winter game.

Stories and songs related to Parshat Va’era and the ten makot were the main focus in Nursery this week. Our Kindergarten class also made a special project depicting the ten makot, and Primer children had a great time acting out the different makot. It almost felt like Pesach, not intersession, was on its way.

Have an enjoyable and safe vacation.





Fourth Grade Girls

      As a special project for completing Sefer Breishit, Morah Auerbach’s fourth grade girls created a beautiful table cloth portraying all the Parshiot of Breishit. Each student had a chance to take home the tablecloth and create a picture of the Parsha to which they were assigned. The completed table cloth is a work of art and the class proudly displays it on the wall of their classroom.


Fifth Grade


Mrs. Davis’ 5th grade class did an excellent job of creating group projects based on the novel The Cricket in Times Square. The projects were very creative and unique and the students were proud to present their hard work to their classmates. In addition to the projects that were created, each group was required to answer a thought provoking question. The next novel that we will be reading is The Indian in the Cupboard and the assignment will involve making an Indian diorama.




No TV Tuesday


      This week we completed our “No TV Tuesday” program. This nine week program involved students in grades 1-5, and we are so pleased that so many students participated in it. Our grand prizes were digital cameras and walkie talkies, and the students could not wait to hear who would win. Mazal Tov to Leor Edri, Olivia Ansel, Ora Gutfreund, Liana Gindi, and Yael Magori for winning the grand prizes. In addition, each student in grades 1-3 who participated received special prizes. Students in grades 4 and 5 who participated will enjoy a special gym class with Coach John as well as a “make your own sundae” party.



 Alumni News



      Alumni milestones are always a tremendous source of Nachat for our school. Recently, Yeshiva of Flatbush participated in a national “Word Masters Challenge” competition for high school students that required intensive reading and analysis of many different kinds of prose and poetry. We are so proud that Yosef Zigdun, (‘08), Daniel Shuster (’09) and Rebecca Burack (’10) earned outstanding scores! 


Our Chessed Corner



       This week our 8th grade girls’ class went to pack food for Oneg Shabbos in Boro Park. This organization is responsible for meeting the needs of many poor Jewish families in Brooklyn. The girls had a wonderful and meaningful experience. “It was great to help” was the sentiment that was expressed by the girls.




Eight Grade English

       “Wherefore” are the 8th graders so excited? Mrs. Siegel’s class is immersed in the study of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and they are having a great time keeping the Montagues and Capulets straight in their minds.


When they are not in Verona, they are busy writing poetry and gathering quotes and pictures for their yearbook. This is an exciting time for our seniors!

Our Minyanaire Club


      We are excited to launch our “Minyanaires Club”. The purpose of this program is to enhance our beautiful davening. The program focuses primarily on decorum in the Beit Hakneset. All students from grades 6 -8 are eligible to become a Minyanaire. The criteria for becoming a Minyanaire include arriving on time to shul, not talking, remaining in their seats and actively participating in the Tefillot. At the conclusion of ten consecutive days, Minyanaires will be able to choose a gift card from a variety of stores. At the 30 day mark, Minyanaires will receive a catered lunch from Holy Schnitzel!

We have just concluded our first 10 day segment and we are off to a fantastic start. The following students are the first ones to join the “Minyanaires club”. Mazal Tov to them!

6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
Yair Aaron Zoe Edery Leora Feder
Netanel Ben-Shabat Kayla Goldfarb Yael Feder
Daniel Bracha Shai Gutfreund Zachary Fernandez
Zachary Brown Jeffrey Hamber Dori-Ruth Goodman
Benjamin Csillag Jordan Levy Aaron Marcus
Eli Dimenshteyn Esther Lopukhin Yoni Nirenberg
Rachel Duenyas Ariella Patchen Samantha Silber
Netanel Furhang Benjamin Reichman  Tamar Talmor
Daniel Greenfield Ethan Rosenrauch David Zadok
Tani Greengart Michelle Steiman
Shye Leykin Hershele Vaisman
Yehuda Marcus Chaya Weintraub
Orit Ochi Eliana Zachter 
Danielle Ohana
Aliza Pearlman 
Benjamin Ronen
Laurence Sokolovsky
Daniel Sroor
Jessica Vaysman
Chani Weintraub
Emili Weintraub
Jonathan Burack


Our Parsha Corner

Parshat Vaera


By: Shai Gutfreund Grade 7


      In this week’s Parsha, Vaera, we see a very powerful lesson. We learn this lesson from Makat Barad. On the subject of this miraculous hail, we see that the hail was not only very large but also on fire. The water in the hail and the fire made peace between each other to fulfill Hashem’s will. From this we see that even if two people can’t get along with each other, they can and should work together for a common cause. Just like the hail destroyed and caused damage, when the fire and the hail worked together, they caused even greater damage.


JFS Jottings



Second Grade Chumash Party: Thursday, February 16, 2012 – 9:30 at the Main Center.

JFS Dinner: Sunday, March 11, 2011 at the Young Israel of Staten Island.


Science Fair: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 – Grades 4-8 7:00-8:00PM



Shabbat Shalom

Parshat Vaera


Candle Lighting Time – 4:41





JFS Weekly Highlights 2012-01-13








      Hats, boots and snowflakes are hanging in the Toddler classroom. The children had a great time creating these symbols of winter and identifying them in both English and Hebrew. They are also enjoying “finger” poems which are fun to recite and which help them reinforce their counting skills.

       K is for kangaroo, kitchen and kite. We had so much fun making kites which are “flying” from our ceiling. Nursery also learned about Parshat Shmot, and each child made their very own baby Moshe in a basket.



     Why do birds fly south in the winter? Why do bears sleep all winter long? These were some of the questions that Kindergarten discussed this week when they learned about migration and hibernation. The children were fascinated by the behaviors of these animals. In conjunction with Parshat Shmot, kindergarteners made sticks that “magically” transformed from a snake to a stick.

Songs, activities and projects about penguins kept the Primer children busy this week. They even went outside to huddle like penguins! The students were eager to begin Sefer Shmot and learn about baby Moshe. They also became familiar with many Hebrew words associated with winter.



Mazal Tov Kitah Aleph


     This past Sunday, our Kitah Aleph children were thrilled to partake in their long awaited Siddur party. They worked so hard preparing for this special occasion and, with great pride and beautiful smiles, the children performed their Siddur presentation to perfection! Their family and friends sat in awe as they watched the children sing songs, recite their parts and receive their new siddurim. We would like to thank Morah Simona, Morah Hadassah, Mrs. McDermott, Mrs. Ross, Morah Adi, Morah Michal, Morah Mazal, and our very talented music teacher, Mrs. Irene Lopukhin, for their hard work and dedication. In addition, we would like to thank Mrs. Alkobi, Mrs. Ansel, Mrs. Davidson, Mrs.Goldzal, Mrs. Jacobs, Mrs. Masri, Mrs. Milman, Mrs. Mushnick, and Mrs. Nussenblatt, who volunteered their time and effort to help make this year’s siddur party the success that it was.


A special thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Abokhiyayev, owners of L’Esti’s Desserts, for donating the magnificent siddur cake. The cake was admired by all of us for its beauty and taste.



SST – Fun

     Last Friday students in grades 1-3 enjoyed an SST program with Morah Sheila. The theme was Hakarat Hatov, being thankful for all that we have. As we recently celebrated the chag of Chanukah, we tried to impress upon the children the importance of being thankful to everyone for all the gifts and treats that they received during the Chag. We also focused on our appreciation of all that Hashem gives us, as well as our family and teachers.


This year’s theme is “We’re on the ball with our Midot Tovot” and our activity was based on a soccer game. The children first ran a relay race with the goal of finding different “soccer” balls, many of which had special messages of thanks on them. If the “ball” had a message of thanks on it, the student then had the opportunity to kick a real soccer ball into a goal to earn ten extra points for their team. The students had a wonderful time playing the activity and made sure to say “thank you” to Morah Sheila for the fun filled activity and for the treats they received.




Third Grade


     Students in 3J are busy learning the Halachot of Shmirat Halashon and are trying very hard to make sure that the words they speak are positive and constructive. As a special activity, they made special Lashon Tov buttons. They are very proud to wear these buttons and hope that they will remind them to speak nicely to their friends and family. The children learned a beautiful song about Shmirat Halashon that we video taped for your enjoyment. Click on the image below to share the Nachat!




         What is made of candy and fizzes and shoots ten feet into the sky? The 6th grade “Mentos and Coke fountain”! 6th grade had some “explosive” moments learning about the chemical reactions which cause the famous fountain. The experiment was a great way to launch a unit about food chemistry and chemical bonding that students are due to begin learning soon.


Salute to Israel Parade


Save the Date


      The annual Israel Day Parade will take place on on Sunday, June 3. We are planning a “paint the props” night on Motzei Shabbat, March 10th . We are hoping that all parents will come join the fun as we prepare the props that will be carried by the JFS students in grades 4-8. This project will involve a tremendous amount of work, and we are kindly asking all our parents for their help. For more information, please click here to see the attached flyer




Our Parsha Corner

Parshat Shmot

ויאמר לרשע למה תכה רעך – שמות ב:י”ג


      “And he said to the wrongdoer, Why do you strike your brother?


Shemot 2:13

     The Torah forbids us to strike another Jew (Sefer HaChinuch Mitzvah 595). This negative precept is found in Devarim 23:3, where the Torah warns an officer of the court not to strike more lashes than a judge has determined to be fitting for the sinner. Now, from this injunction there is also an admonition against striking any Jewish person, for if we are commanded not to strike a sinner, how much more so should we not strike any other person.

This is very relevant because, unfortunately, students are often tempted to “hit” each other. We must learn from our Torah and how it characterizes this individual: it calls him a Rasha, a wicked person. We know this terrible appellation is usually reserved for our enemies like Haman Harasha, Paroh Harasha or Esav Harasha. Clearly, the Torah is conveying how serious this act is. Let us learn from this week’s Parsha and refrain from this bad trait and act appropriately as Jews should.



JFS Jottings



Second Grade Chumash Party: Thursday, February 16, 2012 – 9:30 at the Main Center.

JFS Dinner: Sunday, March 11,2011 Please save the date!






Shabbat Shalom

Parshat Shmot


Candle Lighting Time – 4:33


JFS Weekly Highlights 2012-01-06




      Winter “slipped” in while we were enjoying Chanukah, and we are now taking the opportunity to learn all about it. The toddlers were taught about winter weather and warm clothing and they are working on projects related to this topic.

Nursery’s letter of the week was the letter J. They had fun jumping, making jewelry and eating yummy Jello. This week’s Parsha, Vayechi, has the famous Hamalach Hagoel passage in it and the children made special bed time pillows decorated with their pictures on them.

The winter season encourages us to think “white” and kindergarten children made their very own version of the book It Looked Like Spilt Milk. They also made a beautiful Shema project to hang in their rooms.

    Primer children are also enjoying their unit on winter, especially the discussions about what snowmen can have, which is our sight word of the week. In Hebrew, they are learning the words associated with winter clothing. As Parshat Vayechi is the last Parsha of Sefer Bereishit, they are looking forward to a special siyum this Friday.

A pajama party in school? In honor of this week’s Parsha, the entire ELC participated in a fun filled pajama party. Everyone wore pajamas, drank hot cocoa and had a bedtime snack. Each class also wrote their own book about bedtime routines. A great time was had by all!



Kitah Aleph

  Kitah Aleph students are very busy practicing for their upcoming Siddur party. This special performance will take place on Sunday, January 8th at 10:00AM at the Main Center. The children cannot wait to share their excitement and hard work with their family and friends.




History Comes Alive in Fifth Grade – Mrs. Davis



     Betsy Ross, Walt Disney, Benjamin Franklin….These are just a few of the many famous people who visited Mrs. Davis’ fifth grade class. Her students did an excellent job on the written portion of the biography report. The oral presentations were most exciting as each student dressed up and presented special projects that they created to portray the lives of their famous personalities. Their next book report will involve a mystery novel and a “board game”. Sounds very intriguing!!





Fifth Grade – Mrs. Kellerman

      We have been very busy writing about the winter season. Some students chose to write fiction stories, and others chose non-fiction. Class 5P created a beautiful bulletin board with a fireplace as the background. When the students were asked how they feel about their class, they replied, “We are a “warm” family in our classroom”.




Sixth and Seventh Grade Boys’ Trip

     Rabbi Uzhansky’s sixth and seventh grade students were so happy to have the opportunity to meet the renowned boxer, Mr. Uri Foreman. They joined Mr. Foreman at the gym and watched while he trained. Mr. Foreman discussed with the students the difficulties of combining his profession with his dedication to being Jewish, and how he succeeds at both. The students were especially excited when they were able to join him in the rink and learn a few boxing moves.



Sixth Grade Girls’ Shabbaton


      Our 6th grade girls participated in a Shabbaton in Lakewood, New Jersey this past Shabbat. A Shabbaton is a wonderful vehicle for students to experience Shabbat in a unique atmosphere, enhance class Achdut (unity) and afford them the opportunity to share their special talents with their friends and teachers. Thank you so much to Morah Leah Birnbaum for hosting and planning this special event.

      “I had a great time on the Shabbaton. We played fun games, stayed by wonderful hosts and ate lots of snacks and candy. The best part of the Shabbaton was that we got to spend Shabbos with our friends and especially with our Morah who made all this possible!”

     Written by Chani Weintraub


Morah Birnbaum was very kind,

With a Shabbaton on her mind.

Kitah Vav, her very best class,

She took us to Lakewood, to her house.

We played games all Shabbos long,

Our aim was for all of us to get along.

When we had to say goodbye,

Kitah Vav started to cry.

The only thing we have to say,

Is thank you for letting us stay.

Hopefully, we will have another Shabbaton,

And then we will write another poem.

Thank you again!

With all our love, Kitah Vav.

By: Rachel Duenyas, Danielle Ohana, Zahava Durchin





Mrs. Grant

Ice Cream

6th grade recently had an extra tasty dose of science. Using the “quick” ice cream-making process as a model for freezing point depression, the students mixed and made their own creamy concoctions. This tasty treat was a perfect way to end the unit on “solutions”.


The 8th graders “dug out” their mining skills to crack open some geodes and reveal the beautiful crystals inside. The geode project was an excellent way for students to add to their knowledge of rock classification and crystal properties.

Mrs. Weintraub

7th grade science class worked on a special lesson to learn about the properties of yeast. They learned how yeast reproduces and what it needs to survive. Yeast was put into three cups of water. In cup A, they put in room temperature tap water, in cup B warm water, and in cup C warm water and sugar. The students then predicted what would happen in each cup and why. The majority of students predicted that the warm water in cups B&C would activate the yeast. What actually happened was that cup C had the most activity. The sugar is eaten by the yeast which then creates a carbon dioxide gas which bubbles in the water. Don’t be surprised if your daughter or son becomes very interesting in baking Challahs for Shabbos!





      Four times a year, the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE) sponsors an “International Riddle Contest”. Our seventh grade class was given a very challenging math and science enrichment assignment. We are very proud to announce that Michelle Steiman was our school winner! She solved and explained the solution to a very intriguing puzzle called Calculation Sudoku. She was one of thirty seven winners from schools around the globe!




Girls’ Basketball Team



     Our 6-8 grade girls on the JFS basketball team are having so much fun playing various teams from other schools. Although they lost to Noam last week, they still get an “A for effort”! Better luck next time!




JFS Welcomes back Morah Galila

      Our entire faculty is so excited to welcome back Morah Galila. Morah Galila is a veteran JFS staff member who has worked in the second grade class for many years. We wish her continued good health and much Nachat from her beautiful family.




4th grade Candy Sale

      We are so proud of our 4th graders for organizing their own Tzedakah Candy Sale for Bikur Cholim. All our students were so excited to participate in this Mitzvah project and they certainly enjoyed eating the delicious candies that they bought!




After School Cooking Class

      Who ever heard of a smiley face on a pizza? The students in grades 1-3 are enjoying their after-school baking and cooking class. At the first session, they created delicious sprinkle- covered chocolate truffles and we are sure that many of the treats did not make it home as the students could not wait to eat them. “Create you own pizza” was the theme of the second session. They created interesting designs on the pizza dough by using various colorful vegetables and cheeses. One student even made a smiley face! They could not wait to share their culinary skills with their families.




Our Parsha Corner

Parshat Va’yechi

      In this week’s Parsha, Shimon and Levi do not receive a blessing from Yaakov. Instead, he curses their anger. Yaakov had been very upset when Shimon and Levi wiped out the city of Shechem, as their actions put everyone in danger. The Mishnah says in Pirkei Avot, “Who is strong? One who can control his Yetzer Harah.” The commentators explain that this refers to someone who can control his anger.

     When we think of someone who is strong, we often think of someone who can bend metal bars or lift heavy weights. The Mishnah tells us that controlling our anger requires an even greater sense of inner strength. This is also what Yaakov was telling Shimon and Levi. True strength is not wiping out a city, but controlling anger and stopping to think if that is the correct course of action.

      Let us learn from this the importance of being able to control our anger and consider our actions. If someone does something to get us angry, instead of reacting out of anger by hitting or shouting, let’s try to control our anger and figure out what a proper response should be.




JFS Jottings

First Grade Siddur Party: Sunday, January 8, 2012 – 10:00AM at the Main Center.

Second Grade Chumash Party: Thursday, February 16, 2012 – 9:30 at the Main Center.

Keep Kids Safe Workshop: Tuesday evening, January 10, 2012 – 8:30PM at the Young Israel of Staten Island – 835 Forest Hill Road. For more information, please click here to view the flyer.




Shabbat Shalom




Parshat Vayechi




Candle Lighting Time – 4:26


JFS Weekly Highlights 2011-12-30

Week of 12/30/11  – To view the archives please click here.

Chanukah Fun Part II
 Chanukah fun and excitement continued this week. Thank you to our very generous JFS PTA for sponsoring sufganiyot and chocolate Chanukah gelt.

 We welcomed in Rosh Chodesh Tevet and continued to enjoy Chanukah by playing dreidel and other Chanukah games. Eating home-made latkes, singing and dancing all added to the fun.

 The children finished off the week with beautiful smiles on their faces as they took their school pictures. We can’t wait to see the finished products!

     It’s so hard to believe that Chanukah is over. We had an absolutely wonderful time in school. Every class enjoyed Chanukah parties, sufganiot, chocolate coins and cookie treats, and games and activities in their own classrooms. Joining in school- wide activities added to the Ruach of this special Chag. We will all miss this very special time of year. These are special memories that we will treasure forever.


Chinese Auction
     This past week our students in grades 1-8 participated in the long awaited Chinese Auction. All the Derech Donuts that were earned during the month of Kislev  were put to good use. Many very lucky students won prizes which included: extra points on tests, “no homework nights”, assorted snacks, ice cream, pizza luncheons, sodas, homemade cookies, potato kugels, tutoring, Slurpees, Dunkin Donut gift cards, games, prizes, “Bentching assistant for a day” and one-on-one basketball games with the teachers. We thank our entire staff for their wonderful donations to this program and for their dedication and efforts on behalf of our student body. We also thank the eighth graders for their help in collating the Chinese Auction booklets.
Fifth Grade Girls Play
      Morah Fishman and her 5th grade girls performed a beautiful Chanukah play for students in grades 1-5. The girls were so well prepared and they sang and recited their parts to perfection. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Morah Fishman for her hard work and creativity. Broadway – here we come!!! We video-taped their performance for your viewing pleasure and we hope you enjoy and shep as much Nachat as we did. 

Fourth and Fifth Grade Girls’ Choir

     Our JFS choir delighted us with their beautiful and sweet voices as they sang many popular Chanukah songs. Not only did they sing at some of our assemblies, but they also took their “show on the road “when they sang at the Staten Island Borough Hall Chanukah celebration. Thank you to Mrs. Irene Lopukhin, our very talented music teacher, for the time and effort that she spent preparing the girls. Once again, we would like to thank Mrs. Alina Lukyanov for helping us organize this exceptional event.

For the Fun of it!

JFS Jottings
First Grade Siddur Party: Sunday, January 8, 2012 – 10:00AM at the Main Center
Second Grade Chumash Party: Thursday, February 16, 2012 – 9:30 at the Main Center
Shabbat Shalom
Parshat Vayigash
Candle Lighting Time: 4:20




JFS Weekly Highlights 2011-12-23 – Chanukah Sa’meach!

We are so excited that Chanukah is finally here! The entire ELC had fun making edible Menorot out of pretzels, graham crackers and candy. They were delicious!
          Toddlers “ lit” their Chanukiot, ate latkes and sang  many Chanukah songs.
When nursery children were not busy with Chanukah, they learned about the letter H. They prepared a “hat show” and made hearts using their hands.
          After the kindergarten class finished enjoying their latkes, they incorporated dreidels and candles into a math lesson. They weighed and counted these Chanukah items to understand the concept of more and less.
          Primer children played a fun dreidel game and ate homemade latkes. Performing for the entire ELC was especially fun and entertaining. They are ready for Broadway!
          We lit candles, ate yummy potato latkes and took home chocolate Chanukah gelt – what a great week! Thank you to the parents who came to school to help us make latkes. We are looking forward to more Chanukah fun next week!
Main Center – Chanukah
Chanukah is finally here and we have had a wonderful time in school!
Our Chinese Acrobats extravaganza was truly amazing as we watched the entertainers perform all types of balancing acts.  Roller skating for grades 4 – 8 was so much fun as the students skated with their teachers and friends. Our children in grades 1 – 3 had a super time at Fun Station. They enjoyed all the rides and arcade attractions. Many of our classes had the opportunity to share some Chanukah fun with the residents in various local nursing homes.
Our annual visit with children from HASC was really amazing, as our 7th and 8th graders interacted so beautifully with these special students. Delicious Sufganiot, Chanukah Gelt and dreidles were appreciated by all of us.
          Our 4th and 5th grade girls’ choir were a super hit. They sang so beautifully at the Staten Island Borough Hall Chanukah program. We would like to thank all the parents who came to enjoy the performance and help chaperone the students. A very special thank you to our music teacher, Mrs. Irene Lopukhin who worked so hard to prepare the girls’ choir for their numerous Chanukah presentations and to Mrs. Alina Lukyanov who organized the entire Borough Hall program.
          Acharon, acharon…. thank you to our PTA for funding all our Chanukah activities and treats. In addition, the PTA has purchased a new camera for our school to enhance the pictures that are taken of all our special activities.  We are very grateful to them for all their efforts and their dedication to our school!
          We have compiled a beautiful slide show of all our Chanukah fun to date. We hope you enjoy! We will share more of our fun filled Chanukah activities with you in next week’s newsletter. To view the slideshow, please click on the image below and then on the latest slideshow in our media gallery.
          We would like to wish our entire JFS family a Chag Sameach!! May the message of strength, conviction, and Bitachon in Hashem that this Chag brings resound in the hearts of all of Klal Yisroel here, in Eretz Yisrael and all over the world.


JFS Weekly Highlights 2011-12-16



     What do you get when you take model magic, spoons and paint?  You get a great Chanukiah for a toddler. And even though we are so busy with Chanukah, we still had time to learn our next shape, the square. Our children are really enjoying their big book about shapes.
     Nursery incorporated the three latest colors they learned into their Chanukah project. They became magicians and used black and white paint to create gray, which they used to paint their Menorah. The letter of the week, G, turned out to be a tasty one as we enjoyed the gingerbread cookie we made for our Shabbat treat.
     Our week would not have been complete without learning about this week’s Parsha, Vayeshev. We made colorful necklaces to learn about kitonet passim. Just as Yaakov Aveinu made a special colorful coat for his son Yosef, we made special colorful necklaces to bring home to our families.
      Kindergarten children are learning about” small, medium and large” and they used these lessons to make sivivonim. They also began working on their Chanukiot. We took advantage of this week’s Parsha, Vayeshev, by using the story of Yosef and his coat of colors to review our colors in both Hebrew and English. As fire safety plays a very important role on Chanukah, we are teaching the children how careful we have to be when the lights of the Menorah are burning.    
     Primer class has started a new unit on numbers and these concepts were tied into our learning about Chanukah. The word families “and” and “at” were also introduced. We used “at” to form the word hat and then went on to have “crazy hat day”. Everyone can use a drip mat on Chanukah, and Primer children made their very own. They also made a candle box holder. In Hebrew language, Sabba Segol was introduced. The children are looking forward to showing off their Yosef paper doll with the kitonet passim on it, in honor of this week’s Parsha.

ELC Gallery

Main Center
     “Oh Chanukah, oh Chanukah a Yom Tov a Shayna!”   Our school building and classes truly reflect the words to this popular Chanukah song. From the festive dreidles, latkes and pitchers of oil hanging in our lobby that were decorated by our students in grades 1-3, to the beautifully adorned bulletin boards in all the halls, the anticipation and excitement of Chanukah is felt wherever you turn. All our classes are busy learning the Halachot and traditions of this special Chag and so many of our classes are preparing special Chanukah gifts to bring home to their families. We can’t wait for Chanukah to come. JFS has so many wonderful activities planned! Stay tuned for next week’s e-mail where you will be able to see and share the fun that we will have in school.
First Grade
            Our first graders are working very hard on their Chanukah booklets, Magen David picture frames, hanging dreidles, stained glass decorations and Chanukah bookmarks. The beautiful pictures of the children that will be placed in the frames will make this Chanukah gift a present that you will forever treasure. In addition, they are very close to completing their Ketivah – writing booklet. They have come so far in their reading and writing since the beginning of the school year.
Second Grade
      Second graders are creating a beautiful Chanukah booklet. They have learned so many songs and stories pertaining to this special Chag and have created beautiful Chanukah brochot plaques. Thank you so much to the parents who have shared Chanukah books with our class.
second grade
Third Grade
      Students in grades 3G and 3J were very busy this week painting and assembling “dreidle plaques.”   These plaques are very colorful and festive and our students are looking forward to bringing them home.
     3J recently began a unit on Lashon Tov, using a program which is produced by the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation.  Through stories, journal writings, songs, class discussions and contests, they are learning and reinforcing the importance of using their speech and language in a positive manner.
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
      Class 4E enjoyed reading a fiction book in which an animal is the main character. They wrote a report and created puppets about the animal in their story. The next book report assignment was a non-fiction, and it involved two different books on vertebrate animals. They enjoyed comparing and contrasting two vertebrate animals and making dioramas depicting one of the animals in its environment.
     Our fourth grade girls are working on Chanukah trivets using paints and mosaic tiles. The finished products are really impressive and we are sure you will be able to put them to good use. In addition, class 4G has begun a special program called “Touring the World with our Midot”. Each student has received a “passport” which they will use to “travel” the world to learn different Mitzvot. This month, they travelled to France, where they learned the Middah of Zerizut, which focuses on performing Mitzvot promptly, eagerly and with enthusiasm.  Through songs, stories, contests, arts and crafts and journal entries, the students are enjoying this most creative program.
     Our Safa classes are writing poems and stories and are reading literature pertaining to Chanukah. Working on Hebrew crossword puzzles is very challenging and enjoyable for all. The students created beautiful Chanukah stained glass projects to enhance their classrooms.
Sixth Grade Social Studies
     Sixth grade Social Studies class has just completed a wondrous journey through ancient Egypt. Class 6A students were fascinated with the mummification process. Each student assumed the role of an Egyptian embalmer and advertised their services by creating business cards detailing their expertise in their field.
Seventh Grade Social Studies
     Have you ever traveled to the countries of Staten Oak, Black Orco, Amish Way or J.Z.? Don’t be disappointed if you haven’t. Seventh graders have created their own unique countries, including government, geographical features, historical backgrounds and a national anthem. These “countries” are certainly one of a kind! They are truly examples of exotic destinations.
Derech Donuts
     The entire school is looking forward to our Chanukah Goods and Service Auction. It will take place on Tuesday, December 27 for grades 1-3 and on Wednesday, December 28 for grades 4-8. By working diligently on their Midot Tovot and their class work, the students are earning and accumulating raffle tickets (Derech Donuts). We would like to thank our entire faculty for their donations to this exciting program.
 Chessed Corner
    As we do before every Chag, our eighth graders helped Bikur Cholim pack special packages for nursing home residents. Many of our classes will be visiting local nursing homes to spread some Chanukah cheer. It is a very positive experience for our students and most important it helps put smiles on the faces of all the nursing home residents!
Sports News
     Our boys’ basketball team, the “JFS Jaguars” are really busy this week. They hosted RPRY this past Wednesday, and will be playing JEC this Motzei Shabbat, December 17, at our school gym. RPRY and JEC have been our long-time basketball rivals and the Jaguars need the support of all their fans. Let’s pack the gym and give the Jaguars that extra push they need to bring home a victory! Bring your family and friends and get ready to make some noise cheering for our school team. The boys’ team will be available for autographs and photo shoots after the game so bring your pens and cameras!
PTA Happenings
     Thank you to the parents and students who helped make this year’s Scholastic Book Fair a tremendous success. Thank you, as well, to all the following parent volunteers who helped run our book fair; Shoshana Silber, Rayna Bobchin, Josh Commer, Ellen Goldfarb, Geri Kelsch, Sarit Glickman, Sharon Fenster, Sharon Darmoni, and Rachel Roberts.
     Our annual Chanukah Candle Fundraiser is well under way. We hope these candles will help brighten your Chag. This particular project helps our PTA fund our many Chanukah activities and treats. Thank you to Judy Nussenblatt and her children Jaclyn and Michael, for their hard work and efforts in organizing this fundraiser.
     The Chanukah sale was a great success. Many thanks to our former parent, Kathy Candelario, for organizing this year’s sale. Thank you to Debbie Burack, Josh Commer and Malkie Goldzal for their help at the ELC and to Rachel Roberts, Judy Nussenblatt, Geri Kelsch, Limor Milman, Iva Reuven, Maya Nacmias, Carla Talmor, Shoshana Silber, Rayna Bobchin, Sharon Darmoni and Aviva Brum at our Main Center.
     We would like to wish everyone a very happy Chanukah!
Shabbat Shalom!
Parshat Vayeshev
Candle lighting time 4:13



JFS Weekly Highlights 2011-12-09



      ELC children are happily preparing for Chanukah.  Our toddlers made their very own Chanukah wrapping paper and decorated beautiful dreidels.

    Nursery’s color of the week was white and the letter of the week was F. The children had a great time feather painting. Morah Diane dressed up as a dreidel to officially welcome in all the Chanukah preparations. Nursery also made a surprise gift for mommy and daddy.

     Kindergarten children are working on their math skills. They did leaf graphing, leaf counting and candle math. They "hand painted" a Chanukiah. The children especially enjoyed a vanilla party which they had in conjunction with their Hebrew letter of the week, vav.

     Primer students dressed up and danced to 50’s music to celebrate the 50th day of school. They had so much fun. We can’t wait to see what the 100th day will bring! We also introduced the "an" family this week. In Hebrew literature, we read the book Hello Hello Abba to go along with the letter hey, which led us into a game of telephone. We also discussed the Parsha and how Yaakov prepares to meet Esav. The children can’t wait to learn what happens next.

     Stay tuned for more great ELC happenings!

 Kitah Aleph News

                  Kitah Aleph was so pleased to complete their first Kriyah booklet. As a culminating activity, Morah Simona and her class enjoyed a delicious party.  The students are looking forward to beginning the next level booklet.  Thank you to all the parents who sent in the treats for this special occasion.

     Our Kitah Aleph is also very busy practicing for their upcoming Siddur party, which is scheduled to take place on Sunday, January 8 at 9:30AM in the Main Center. The Siddur play is traditionally a highlight of the first grade and the children are looking forward to sharing this special milestone with their family and friends.

Kitah Aleph

 Fourth Grade Boys Siyum

       Mazal Tov to Rabbi Loebenstein and his fourth grade class for completing Parshat Vayishlach.  They celebrated with an exciting siyum which included singing, dancing and, of course, delicious snacksAs a culminating review activity, they acted out eighteen different scenes from the Parsha.  We are so proud of the entire class!

 Chessed Corner

 Fifth Grade Girls’ Cookie Sale

      Our fifth grade girls’ class had a very successful cookie sale this week for Bikur Cholim.   Students in grades one through three were so excited to buy the cookies and were so proud to be a part of this important Mitzvah. Thank you to the parents of the fifth grade girls for donating the cookies.

  Seventh Grade Girls’ Cupcake Sale

          Everyone who entered our school this week was immediately drawn to the delicious smells that emanated from the lunchroom.  Our seventh grade girls were very busy baking cupcakes for their upcoming fundraiser for Bikur Cholim.  The sale was very successful and we are so appreciative to the parents of this class for donating the ingredients for this project.

Cupcake Sale


      Chanukah is in the air and the excitement for this upcoming Chag is certainly felt by all who visit our Main Center.   The main lobby is beautifully adorned with the colorful decorations that grades one through three created at our most recent SST program. 


 It was so wonderful to welcome all the parents who attended Parent-Teacher conferences this past Wednesday evening.  We would like to express our appreciation to the PTA for funding our new computerized program for scheduling appointments with faculty. Many parents told us that the new system made the evening much more organized, productive and efficient.   A special hakarat hatov to Mrs. Linda Edelman and Mrs. Karen Goldstein for their efforts and time spent on this most important project.


            Picture Day:  Picture Day will take place on Thursday, December 29 at the ELC and on Tuesday, December 13 at the Main Center.

            Chanukah Sale:  The PTA Chanukah sale will take place on Wednesday, December 14 at the ELC and on Thursday, December 15 at the Main Center.

           JFS Wine Sale at Young Israel Chanukah Boutique:  The Jewish Foundation School will be selling wine at the Young Israel Chanukah boutique which will take place on Saturday night, December 10.  Purchasing wine at the boutique will benefit our school.

            Box Tops for Education: We are very excited to learn that Box Tops for Education is offering a new way to help schools financially. For all you on-line shoppers, simply sign up with JFS at boxtops4education.com (you can search for our school by name in the search bar), then click on "earn" and "shop marketplace" to see all the popular stores that will meet all your shopping needs. With Chanukah just around the corner, shopping for your family and friends on- line will generate a tremendous number of box tops for our school.


 Shabbat Shalom from everyone at JFS

Parshat Vayishlach

Candle lighting time: 4:11 

JFS – Weekly Highlights 2011-12-02


     Rosh Chodesh Kislev is always so exciting as we anticipate the upcoming Yom Tov of Chanukah. We have already begun reading Chanukah stories and creating beautiful arts and crafts projects.
     A scavenger hunt for circles, squares, triangles and stars was so much fun for our toddler group.
    Nursery children enjoyed their “All About Me” unit this week.  Some of the topics the children discussed were their favorite foods, colors, activities, as well as the similarities and differences in each of their families. Most important, we realized how important and special each and every person is.
    Kindergarten and primer children attended the theatre at the College of Staten Island where they enjoyed Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. A great time was had by all.
     For Parshat Vayetze, the children made special craft projects and reenacted the story of Yaakov and his dream. 
     Our countdown to Chanukah begins…
Snow Whiteelc
Math Enrichment Program
     Since the beginning of our school year, our fourth, fifth and sixth graders have been participating in the Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS). The highlight of this competition is a series of five monthly contests, held from November to March. Each contest consists of five problems that require careful mathematical thinking. In the first contest, our students scored unbelievably well. Two of our students received a perfect score and ten others solved four out of five problems correctly. We are so proud of all of them!
E2K Program
     This week, nine of our seventh graders competed in a virtual science competition against students from sixteen other schools in the tri-state area.  They worked in the science lab and their experiments were broadcast live, via the internet to Israel, where all the entries were judged. Conducting the experiments and then answering questions on line about the results was a real challenge. JFS SCORED IN THE TOP FOUR SCHOOLS!!!
     Mazal Tov to the children who have already completed their Midot Tovot charts. They were so excited to visit Morah Sheila’s treasure chest!  Their faces were beaming as all of their friends applauded their accomplishment.
     Our “No TV Tuesday” program is well underway. So many students came in on Wednesday morning so excited and proud that they did not watch TV.
     At this week’s SST program, students in grades one through three created beautiful Chanukah decorations. We can’t wait to adorn our main lobby with these beautiful works of art.
Second Grade
       Learning about Shabbat was so much fun in Kitah Bet. Through special booklets, songs, and stories, our students were surrounded by the warmth and beauty of Shabbat. A magnificent Shabbat bulletin board hangs in our hallway where it is admire by all who pass by. The children baked their own challot and were so happy to bring them home with the special Shabbat napkin holders that they also made.  We are sure they will look beautiful on your Shabbat table.
Fourth Grade Siyum
      Mazal Tov to Morah Auerbach and her fourth grade class on completing Parshat Vayishlach! Their Siyum was fun filled with Divrei Torah and skits about the Parsha. They concluded the festivities with a delicious waffles and ice cream treat.
6B and 7B11 Navi Class
    Mazal Tov to Rabbi Daum who recently received his Master’s in Education with a specialty in Curriculum Development and Educational Technology from California State University at Bakersfield. One methodology, which has received much attention in the media lately, is the idea of the “Flipped Classroom” in which students use digital resources to preview, review and explore educational materials at their own pace and use class time to facilitate discussion or work on problems. Recently, Rabbi Daum’s 6B and 7B11 classes began learning Sefer Shmuel using some aspects of this methodology. The students were very excited to learn Navi on the computer!
Navi Class
Eighth Grade Post BJE Breakfast
     After three months of intensive learning and studying for the BJE exam,Morah Eisenberger and her eighth grade class enjoyed a celebratory brunch at the Dairy Palace. Our eighth graders are so relieved that the test is over and they are happy that they were well prepared for this important high school placement examination.
 BJE Breakfast
Welcome back to Mr. Irwin Ziment
      Our third and fifth graders were so excited to welcome Mr. Ziment back. He was truly missed by all of us and we are so happy to have him back at school.
Bikur Cholim Bowl-A-Thon
     The Bowl-A-Thon for Bikur Cholim was a huge success. Our students in grades four through eight had a great time bowling and were so excited to be a part of this most important Mitzvah. Please help your child collect the pledges from their sponsors.  Donations to Bikur Cholim may be made based on your child’s total score or any flat amount you wish to give. To view a video slideshow of the children bowling, please click here.
          Parent Teacher Conferences: Parent -Teacher conferences will take place on Wednesday, December 7th. Please remember that using the on-line computer program will be the only way to make an appointment to meet with your children’s teachers that evening.  Detailed instructions on how to sign up have already been sent in the mail. Please make your appointments as soon as possible.
            Book Fair: Our Book Fair will take place on December 6-8 at the Main Center. 
            Picture Day: Picture Day will take place on Thursday, December 29 at the ELC and on Tuesday, December 13 at the Main Center.
            Chanukah Sale: The PTA Chanukah sale will take place on Wednesday, December 14 at the ELC and on Thursday, December 15 at the Main Center.
           JFS Wine Sale at Young Israel Chanukah Boutique:  The Jewish Foundation School will be selling wine at the Young Israel Chanukah boutique which will take place on Saturday night, December 10.  Purchasing wine at the boutique will benefit our school.
            Box Tops for Education: We are very excited to learn that Box Tops for Education is offering a new way to help schools financially. For all you on-line shoppers, simply sign up with JFS at boxtops4education.com (you can search for our school by name in the search bar), then click on “earn” and “shop marketplace” to see all the popular stores that will meet all your shopping needs. With Chanukah just around the corner, shopping for your family and friends on- line will generate a tremendous number of box tops for our school.
Shabbat Shalom from everyone at JFS
Parshat Vayetze
Candle lighting time: 4:12 




JFS Weekly Highlights 2011_11_25


Jewish Foundation School Welcomes Rabbi Ari Neuwirth
            This past Monday, Rabbi Ari Neuwirth has joined JFS as an Assistant Principal. Rabbi Neuwirth is a highly regarded educator with significant experience as a Jewish Day School teacher and an administrator. We wish him Hatzlacha Rabba  and we hope everyone will give him a warm welcome. We look forward to his contributions to our school.
The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday has been keeping the ELC children very busy. We incorporated the fall colors into many Thanksgiving projects. Napkins colored with the juice from cooked vegetables and napkin rings were just a few of the items created to enhance the Thanksgiving table. The book I Am Thankful for.. , written by the children, gave us wonderful insight into some of their thoughts.
Primer’s sight word” like” was used to combine Thanksgiving and math with a graph of different flavors of pie.
We ended off the short week with a school wide Thanksgiving feast. A gobbling great time was had by all!
 Parshat Toldot, which tells the story of Esav and Yaakov, gave us the opportunity to discuss being a “good follower”. It also led into lessons and projects about the five senses. Puppets depicting Esav and Yaakov were made and the children enjoyed play acting the story.  One class even made lentil soup!
Acharon, Acharon…..A special Refuah Shleymah to Morah Diane Rosenberg. Please get better soon. We miss you!!
First and Second Grade Learns About Dental Hygiene
            We are so thankful toDr. Debbie from Staten Island Pediatric Dentistry for visiting our school to discuss proper dental hygiene. The students enjoyed her presentation and were especially pleased to receive a complimentary gift containing various dental paraphernalia. Don’t be surprised when your children cannot wait to brush their teeth twice a day!
 Sixth and Seventh Grade Mishkan Project
            Rabbi Uzhansky’s sixth and seventh grades class completed a unit on the Mishkan. As a culminating activity, the students created beautiful projects reflecting all that they had learned. They were so pleased to share their accomplishments and hard work with their teachers and various classes in the school.
Mishkan FairMishkan Fair
Parent Teacher Conferences
            Parent -Teacher conferences will take place on Wednesday, December 7th. Please remember that using the on-line computer program will be the only way to make an appointment to meet with your children’s teachers that evening.  Detailed instructions on how to sign up have already been sent in the mail. Please make your appointments as soon as possible.
Ohel Chanukah Toy Drive
             We are beginning our annual Chanukah Ohel Drive. If you are interested in participating, please bring to the ELC or the Main Center gifts for children and adults, such as, board games, seforim, gift cards, electronic games, and puzzles. Please make sure the gifts are unopened and unwrapped. We encourage you to involve your children in this most important Mitzvah. Donate a new gift today and help light up the life of a child or adult.

            American Express Program: American Express is offering a unique opportunity for you to support JFS. You can donate $25.00 to JFS and it will cost you absolutely nothing! You simply need to register your card today and notify our office. On Motzei Shabbos, November 26, your donation will be processed and American Express will then grant you a credit on your statement. We thank you in advance for taking the time to help support JFS! For more information, please click here.

            Bikur Cholim Bowl-A-Thon Our Bikur Cholim Bowl-A-Thon will take place on Thursday, December 1, 2011. This Thanksgiving weekend can be a wonderful opportunity for your children to get many sponsors from family and friends.
           JFS Wine Sale at Young Israel Chanukah Boutique:  The Jewish Foundation School will be selling wine at the Young Israel Chanukah boutique which will take place on Saturday night, December 10.  Purchasing wine at the boutique will benefit our school.
            Box Tops for Education: We are very excited to learn that Box Tops for Education is offering a new way to help schools financially. For all you on-line shoppers, simply sign up with JFS at boxtops4education.com (you can search for our school by name in the search bar), then click on “earn” and “shop marketplace” to see all the popular stores that will meet all your shopping needs. With Chanukah just around the corner, shopping for your family and friends on- line will generate a tremendous number of box tops for our school.
Shabbat Shalom
Parshat Toldot
Candle lighting time- 4:15

Rabbi Ari Neuwirth joins JFS




(718) 983-6042
November 21, 2011
24 Cheshvan 5772
Dear Parents,
During the summer, I wrote you about our initiatives to enhance parent–school communication.  We’ve already made considerable progress. Since the beginning of the school year, our Advisory Committee has been actively working and we launched a weekly e-newsletter so that we can share with parents all that takes place in JFS. 
In addition, as our enrollment continues to grow, we believe that we should expand our outstanding and dedicated Administration led by our Dean, Rabbi Dr. Richard Ehrlich; our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Linda Edelman, and our Early Learning Director, Mrs. Anne Goodman.   
I am pleased to inform you that Rabbi Ari Neuwirth is joining JFS as an Assistant Principal beginning today. Rabbi Neuwirth was raised in our community and is a highly regarded educator with significant experience as a Jewish Day School teacher and an administrator. In addition to his Rabbinical Degree, Rabbi Neuwirth also received a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Providence College.
As JFS continues to grow, the addition of Rabbi Neuwirth would permit our administration to communicate with our expanding parent body so that we can realize the potential of all of our students. With the school year still relatively new, we hope that Rabbi Neuwirth will become fully engaged with our parents and students in a meaningful way quickly.
With Rabbi Neuwirth’s background and skills, and with Rabbi Ehrlich’s guidance and Mrs. Edelman’s experience, we hope that JFS will be even more responsive to our parents’ and students’ needs.
Please give Rabbi Neuwirth a warm welcome to JFS.
Sincerely yours,  
     Paul Goldstein, Chairman