What this course is about...

This course contains the following resources:

    • The "Let's learn the Psukim" contains the Hebrew text of the Megillah along with a link to a PDF linear tranlation and audio files for each and every posuk. In this manner, students can study the Megillah on their own either as a review or preview in an easy and accessible manner.
    • Each section contains interesting links that hopefully add understanding and interest to the Megillah. For example, a lot of archaeological information that relates to the megillah has been linked to and presented.
    • Each perek contains "Revew Questions". There are over one hundred and thirty questions on the megillah. For each question the student is provided with the text of the megillah as well as a PDF and audio translation. The idea is to encourage students to engage directly with the text of the megillah by looking inside.

I completed this course with students at fourth, sixth and seventh grade students. We completed the entire Megillah over eight school days (forty five minute periods). Due to a lack of computers in my classroom, the way my lesson went was students took turns reading the translation sheets in class out and and completing question sheets (not provided here but basically they are the review questions contained in the quizzes without the multiple choice answers). The megillah and commentaries were discussed as in a traditional classroom. Students then did the online review questions at home for homework which reinforced what they learned in class. Students took to the classes well and I believe they found it interesting and engaging.

At this point, the course page contains a limited amount of discussion topics or suggestions for projects. This is something any teacher can easily add on their own. What this course does provide is a foundation that enables such discussions and projects to take place as students can now study the megillah on their own in a blended or totally online format.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them. Please drop me a line at tdaum@torahskills.org.

Tzvi Daum


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