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About our Workbooks - Help Your Students Excel

We are currently in the late stages of developing the Midor Lidor Chumash and Rashi workbooks series on Parshiot Shemot through Bo.

These workbooks have been designed with the goal of encouraging students to look inside the Chumash, engage with the text and acquire Chumash and Rashi learning skills.

The way this is achieved is by breaking down the Chumash text into manageable units of study while providing students with work that is motivating and doable either on their own or with a partner.

These workbooks are arranged in the following manner:

    • Each perek comes with a list of twenty vocabulary words that appear in the perek are selected based on overall frequency in Tanach. This helps to ensure that students know the words that will be crucial for their future development.

    • Crossword puzzles reinforce the these vocabulary words in a fun and engaging manner.

    Each perek is divided into sub-units of about four psukim each and each sub unit contains the following:

      1. The text of the Chumash, Onkelos and Rashi with nikudot - students can use this page to highlight shoroshim and practice reading the text .

      2. Partially filled Chumash translation sheets which students complete. They can get the translations from the glossary at the back of the book or from a teacher.

      3. Students are also provided with translation sheets for selected Rashis.

      4. Guided review sheets are provided for each unit. Each question lets the student know where they will need to look in the Chumash to find the answer.

      5. Review questions at the conclusion of each perek.

      6. A glossary at the end of the book containing nearly every word in the parsha and its shoresh so that students can look up the meaning of words or discover their shoresh.

    These workbooks have been successfully piloted in a number of schools and the feedback has been highly encouraging! Stay tuned for more details.

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