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Rabbi Tzvi Daum

Rabbi Tzvi Daum - Curriculum Development


Developing digital curricular content is very much about developing effective curriculum. In addition to my pursuit of a Master's Degree on the subject of Curriculum development, I have also developed a number of (currently unpublished) workbooks which I am in the process of integrating into a digital curriculum.

For example, below there is a link to a sample workbook I created for the first Perek of Mishnayot Sukkah. The content of this workbook has been integrated into the Mishnayot Sukkah course which appears on this site. Student knowledge is particularly reinforced when the same questions that appear in the workbook appear online as well. Thus, students are taught via various modalities and are provided with plenty of opportunity for review.

I am also in the process of developing a workbook on parts of Sefer Shemot which I would also like to be available in the form of a Smartboard lesson so that students see on the board exactly what they see in the workbook in front of them. Each of these works are special in their own way and develop Torah learning skills. I encourage readers to take a look and see for themselves. Please bear in mind that these are all works in progress.

In addition, I have had some ideas about curriculum development which I have blogged about on occasion - and even developed a website for (although it never really launched).

Mishnayot Sukkah Workbook Perek 01

Sample Shemot Workbook

Sample Smartboard Shemot Workbook

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