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Rabbi Tzvi Daum

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Prior to creating this website, I began by creating courses on

Here are two sample courses from the quia website:

Jewish Holidays (Yomim Norayim)

Sefer Yehoshua

In addition, I would like to highlight three courses I created on this website:

Shmuel Aleph- A sample course for the first few perakim of Shmuel Aleph. The course includes resources such as audio translations, quizzes, crosswords, forums and advanced question for High School aged students.

Sample Mishnayot Sukkah Course (4th Grade Level)

Rashi Letter Course

The Rashi course was created to help students who had already reached the older grades but for whatever reason had not yet mastered the skill of reading Rashi letters. Under normal circumstances, an upper grade teacher does not have class time to devote to this issue. Thus, a self paced online course seemed like an ideal solution.

One more note, while this is not technically a course, I did create a webquest about the Mishkan as part of a college course. Please feel free to use it. It is well known that one of the most difficult concepts in the Torah is the construction of the Mishkan. The information is abstract and the Torah did not provide diagrams. However, a wealth of pictures, diagrams and explanations are available on the web. In this project, both the new and the old were combined as students assumed the role of an architect whose job was to construct blueprints for the construction of the Mishkan!




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