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One of the problems facing many Jewish day school educators is how to help students who leave the Judaic Studies classroom at the end of day without a clear understanding of what was taught? The problem is compounded when students do not have someone at home who can help them.

At our solution is to give students a second chance by placing classroom material online! Students can log on to and access audio files, review sheets, games, quizzes, message boards or anything else you as a teacher choose to put online. Homework with instant feedback is transformed into an exciting and meaningful learning activity. Believe it or not, many students enjoy online homework so much they are actually disappointed on days they don't have it!

Placing classroom material online enables teachers to engage in differentiated instruction and can accommodate multiple learning styles. Students become active participants in the learning process and can collaborate to construct knowledge in ways they simply can't offline. Whether it is by participating in classroom message boards, wikis, chats or displaying digital projects, students can see how their thoughts and work have value and meaning.

The learning experience can be brought to an entirely new level by creating links to other websites or incorporating multimedia. With online learning, students can process information at their own pace and learn at a time that is convenient and comfortable for them. With computer based instruction, shy students can learn without fear of embarrassment.

Make informed decisions before you enter the classroom

By placing homework online, teachers can save precious class time by reviewing automatically graded homework scores before entering the classroom. By placing part of the learning load online, actual learning time can be increased.

Communicate with parents and students

Teachers can also use their course page to post information about homework assignments, upcoming tests or class events. No longer do parents have to wonder about what their child's classroom responsibilities are. Posted notices can even be sent automatically to the account holders email address. Parents can become real partners in the learning process by reviewing classroom learning materials and online activity reports with their children.

If you would like do develop courses for your school, please click here.

  • Enhance student learning with an online course component
  • Teachers can upload any file type for students to access: Word, PowerPoint, PDF's, Audio, Video, Images, Flash etc.
  • Create links to any website
  • Design interactive quizzes which are automatically graded and provide students with instant feedback
  • Empower students to construct knowledge by participating in classroom message boards, wikis, blogs and chats
  • Enable students to upload and display their own digital files
  • Accommodate multiple learning styles
  • Enjoy active participation from all students
  • Encourage students to work collaboratively yet independently
  • Enable students to process information at their own pace
  • Diminish fear of failure and embarrassment
  • Allow learning to take place anytime and anywhere
  • Post classroom info such as homework assignments, test or any other news online
  • Encourage parents to become knowledgeable and active partners
  • Support student accountability with detailed activity reports
  • Hebrew is no problem!
  • Courses are available to your students only!

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