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Internet Safety


Keep your child's computer in an open area of the house so you are aware of what they are doing when they are online.

Become familiar with the information and tools you need to help protect your child when they are online.

Information About Cyberbullying and Computer Fraud
(Cybersafety Tips for Online Social Media Interactions and Cyber-bulling- Special Thank you to Kendal!)

(Guide to Stopping Cyber-bullying)
(Special Thank you to Mrs. Debbie Reynolds!)
(Cyber Safety for Kids - Special Thank you to Mrs. Sara Barnes!)

(Learn about steps you can take to protect yourself from computer fraud and other cyber crimes. - Special thanks to Taylor and her Mom!)

(Loads of info for adults and students about online safety including online scams, password safety and much more - Special thanks to Sandra Beals!)

(In a nice graphical layout this site shows the risks children meet online, dangerous games kids play and has good advice for parents and teens.)

(Information about online bullying and prevention. - Special thanks to Beth Carney and her Mom!)

(Special thanks to Samantha Gray for sharing this resource!)


Parental Control Tools and Monitoring Software:

Windows Essentials Family Safety


Jewish Internet Addiction Recovery (for Adults)


Mobile Devices

AppLock PRo for Android

App Lock for Blackberry

How to lock the iPad to a Single App for Kids does not receive any compensation for the the purchase of these products or for linking to these sites. We present this information as a public service and suggest you do your own research prior to making any purchases.

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