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Teacher Training is available to help your school meet its teacher training and professional development needs. Let us show your staff how to integrate educational technology in the classroom. Below are images from various presentations and seminars.




CIJE 2010_02_21 Smartboard Conference Brochure


Presenting at the OU Conference on Online Learning in Herndon, VA on 04/25/10.

OU 2010

Link to Brochure


Workshop at Merkaz Bnos - Teacher Training

Merkaz Bnos


Smartboard Training Session at Ilan High School for Girls

Ilan High School


Discussing Judaic Studies K-12 Online Learning at the Avichai Foundation Office in NY - 05/16/12

At Avichai 

Discussing online learning with a group of educators at jedcamp-NYNJ 04/21/13


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